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The site where I answer Frequently Asked Questions about homeschooling, provide resources for homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers alike, and seek to provide educational insights  pertaining to what homeschooling IS and IS NOT (according to my family and ME); De-bunking some of the popular myths about homeschooling. 

And now, offering PERSONAL MENTORING!

How do I start homeschooling?

Short Answer:  

It's as easy as 1-2-3. 

1. Get a mentor.

2. Study the various educational philosophies and choose which one you'd like to try.

3. Just do it! (visit this page to learn how to homeschool legally in CA.)

***Bonus suggestion: Pray to know whether homeschooling is the correct decision for you and your family.

Detailed Answer:

1. Get a mentor

A mentor has traversed the path before.  They can see farther than  you.  They know what tests, trials, and traps you will probably encounter and most importantly will know how to coach you out, around, and through them.  If you don't choose to use a mentor the path will be a lot more difficult, you will waste a lot of time, and there is a greater likelihood you will experience failure.  If you want to start homeschooling I strongly encourage you to get a mentor...and even more importantly follow what the mentor suggests to you! 

2.  Study the various educational philosophies and choose which one you'd like to try. 

Many people automatically think that the public school method of education is the only or best way to educate.  This may not be true for your family.  Study as many different educational philosophies as you can and decide which one you think would be the best fit for your family. 

Some educational philosophies, philosophers, and models you may choose to study are: the leadership education model as described in Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver Demille, other approaches espoused by Charlotte Mason, Montessori, John Dewey, compulsory education, un-schooling, etc...  

3.  Just do it!

The scariest part of a roller coaster is the anticipation and suspense as you slowly "click-click-click" your way to the top of the first hill.  However, once that first drop is behind you, the rest of the ride is quite exhilarating and fun.  At the end you may even say to yourself, "What was I so afraid of?!  That was great fun!  In fact, let's do it again!" 

Likewise, the scariest part of homeschooling is the anticipation and suspense leading up to that first day or first trial year.  Your mind swims with such questions as: Can I really do this?  What if I fail?  What if I totally mess up my kids?  What if they ask a question I can't answer?  What if my kids turn out weird?  The questions are endless!  The fear we allow to enter our minds can be destructive and debilitating.  (Just as a side note - it is REALLY helpful to have a mentor at this point!  They can help coach you through all of these questions!)

If you proceed and don't "jump off the ride" before the homeschool "ride" even commences, you will find that it is actually very fun, rewarding and not as scary as you had built yourself up to expect.  At the end of the first year "ride" you may even catch yourself saying, "What was I so afraid of?!  That was great fun!  In fact, let's do it again!" 

***Bonus suggestion: If you are a person of faith, I strongly encourage you to pray about whether home educating your child(ren) is the correct choice for you and your family.  If the answer is "yes" then proceed.  As you begin homeschooling there will be difficult days when you will ask yourself, "Am I really supposed to be doing this?"  On those days you can lean on that answer from heaven and confidently continue to press forward.  (As another side note: such days are great times to call on your mentor to help you through!  Have I convinced you yet to get a mentor?!)


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 This song: Time for Love from Calee Reed: The Waiting Place

 Don't know where to get started with learning about education?  I STRONGLY recommend reading  this book! (If you're local, I even have one I loan out!  Contact me.)

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